12th September 2018

You need to be able to sell

I need to sell something to somebody most days. I’m not asking for their cash, more their thumbs up on an idea of mine, an approach or my thinking.

Selling your ideas is hard, I’ve found this out lately. I’ve failed, succeeded and am putting in place new methods to help me become better at selling.

I thought I’d document the story of my work in progress and methods I’m trying.

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24th February 2018

The hardest user research I've moderated

Lately I've been conducting user research with people living with dementia and their carers. Uncovering their needs, attitudes and beliefs in order to design better products and services for them.

The research has been challenging for many reasons, I learnt a lot and had some tough times. So I decided to write about my experiences along with some learnings I picked up along the way.

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29th December 2017

Redesign #3 - Receipts

I have an annual train ticket which I use during the week to commute with, it goes out of my pocket, through the ticket barrier and then back in my pocket.

Over Christmas I found myself travelling by train to visit friends and family, buying different train tickets and actually 'using' train tickets. For things like looking for information, ensuring I had the right one, understanding information etc.

During this time I noticed how poorly designed train tickets are. As such they became the next item on my redesign hitlist.

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12th November 2017

Redesign #2 - Receipts

I recently had to find a piece of information on a receipt from Royal Mail, simple right? Unfortunately not.

My frustration in trying to find what I needed led me to redesign the receipt, and come up with a few principles companies should be using when it comes to laying out information.

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7th October 2017

Redesign #1 - Movie credits

I think movie credits are atrocious.

The information lacks categorisation, clarity and it doesn't engage the user. So I thought I would redesign them. Take a look at the story and my redesign, would love to know your thoughts.

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12th August 2017

Redesigning the hotel experience - D&AD New Blood 2017

Tackling problems that I don’t get the chance to do in my day job is one of the main reasons I work on personal projects. It’s fun exploring the unknown, it always makes for an interesting design challenge.

This year I had a go at the Crowne Plaza D&AD New Blood brief - 'Reinvent the Crowne Plaza brand and transform how it is experienced so it appeals to the young modern business traveller.'

I produced a storyboard visualising and bringing my solution to life. My solution being a proactive Messenger chatbot which acts as a trusted companion before, during and after the guests stay.

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4th July 2017

It's a love-hate relationship

I wrote about something that's been on my mind for a while.

How as a practitioner responsible for 'practitioner tasks' I also have to complete 'non practitioner' tasks during projects. Administrative, project management, client management esque tasks. The sort of stuff I didn't expect to be doing while studying at university.

It's a love hate relationship, but the more I do it, the more it becomes love than hate.

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29th March 2017

Running user research in a bank branch

Lately I've been running depth interviews and guerrilla style intercepts with customers in bank branches, it's a challenging and unique user research environment.

Trying and failing  while experimenting with new methods I learnt a lot.

I compiled my learnings and do's and don'ts for others if they find themselves in a similar position.

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27th December 2016

My mum's Christmas present - spotting a user need

I always struggle to buy my mum her Christmas present. This year however it was easy, I spotted a user need in her behaviour and took action.

I made her a personalised recipe book consisting of her favourite recipes from various sauces (sorry couldn’t resist), food related family photos and sentimental quotes.

I’m proud of the book and most importantly my mum loved it. You can read about the creation of the book, see it and watch my mums reaction to opening the present below.

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18th October 2016

6 traits of great product teams

I’ve worked in two teams this year, for the same period of time, working with people who have similar job roles and responsibilities and both trying to achieve the same - product design and development.

I had two very different experiences.

One team working in harmony all striving towards a common goal and shared desired outcomes. The other team, not so much.

I learnt a lot about what I think makes a successful product design and development team. So much so I compiled my findings and traits I feel good teams possess.

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13th April 2016

Realising the benefits of active travel

As part of the 'WAE Bootcamp - CX in a day' in partnership with TfL I wrote a piece examining public appetite around travelling actively. Moving the public off of public transport and onto means more active and sustainable.

In this post I explore how active travel might be achieved and encouraged across London and other densely populated cities, through service and product design.

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