b. 1986, HK.

Jack is a user-centered designer of products and services working at ebay.

My passion lies in creating positive change for both user and business. I achieve this through designing delightful and effective products, services and organisations.

I thrive during the projects in which I can understand human behaviour and use those new found learnings to craft seamless user experiences. I work across design, insight and strategy to create products and services that meet true human need.

A lover of Design Thinking I’m lucky enough to deploy it’s practices daily. More often than not I can be found creating a prototype and then putting in front of a user and asking, ‘what do you think of this?’.

I hold a First-class honours BSc in Digital Media from the University of Portsmouth. During my studies I won the IBM Design in the Community Award, I was the first UK winner.

Still following the advice my parents gave to me as a child - ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

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jackjarvie@gmail.com | @jackjarvie

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"From the moment I met Jack I was impressed by him. His confidence and kindly manner are clear for all to see. Upon working with him, I was quick to notice his speed of thought and retention of information vital to the project outcomes.

Jack’s UX mind is incredibly sharp - he sees vividly in multiple dimensions, recognising and assessing the needs of different users in quick time. The work he produced was always considered, timely and creative.

I expect big things from Jack as he moves on in his career and genuinely hope to work with him again soon. I can’t recommend Jack highly enough."

James Lockwood, Creative Director, Lloyds Banking Group